Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Selective Memory

Sometimes these girls are so cute together I can hardly stand it. I want to photograph or video every waking moment of their lives so I never forget the sweetness of this age and their adorable relationship. Someday I will forget about Rachael having that melt down in the grocery store because she couldn't take her mini cart out to the parking lot. I will forget about how Elizabeth leaves messes in her wake no matter what she's doing. I will forget about Rachael being the Amazing Sleepless Toddler who was up until 12:30am two nights ago. I will forget about Elizabeth's weird skin stuff that requires special shampoos and creams. There are so many little annoying things we deal with on a daily basis when we have itty bitties in our home, but all I want to focus on and remember someday is this:
And this:
And especially this:

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