Monday, March 1, 2010

Pinewood Derby

I have never been more grateful for my husband than in the last few weeks. (Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.) Along with a million other things, we had our first Pinewood Derby on the horizon. Not only do I not know how to use a hand saw, I couldn't imagine trying to find the time to figure it out. That's where the man of the hour comes in. You would think he has enough fun with all the high tech tools he plays with at work, but he was still happy to get more tools, even if they were of the cruder variety. He has less "free" time than I do, but somehow he pulled off a pretty impressive car with the help of our one and only cub scout. (He got second place - NOT BAD, BOYS!) The absolute cutest thing about the following pictures - even cuter than Brandon still in his work clothes, running in at the last minute because he had to leave work early to make it on time and administer some "final touches" - is that Will is wearing Brandon's old cub scout shirt that his mother recently unearthed and passed on to us.

This is the "after" shot. Will's wonderful den mother advised us to take before and after pictures knowing damage would be done. (Notice his little driver is gone. Now that's a mother who knows - she raised 5 Eagle Scouts!)

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