Monday, April 22, 2013


It's been a good day.

In the spirit of a gratitude journal, all my favorite things about today included:

This youtube video that Kate emailed me early this morning. (In response to the hilarious and now viral "How Animals Eat Their Food" video.) It's always nice to start the day off with a laugh.

Seeing Elizabeth in a bright yellow sweater and matching headband for school today. That is absolutely her best color, not only because it looks good on her, but because it fits her personality.

Knowing I had a plan for the day because I sat down yesterday and micro-organized my week. I do this more or less every Sunday (in a Pages document titled "A Week in the Life" if you can believe it), and yesterday I did it to the nth degree. I like having a plan. The best thing about having a plan? Being able to really and truly relax. When I don't have a plan, I feel stressed all the time thinking about all the things I may or may not be forgetting. Organization for me is not about doing more, but about relaxing more. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but that's how it works for me.

Taking my sister-in-law, Angie, to lunch for her birthday. Good food and good conversation with family is always a happy thing. (And watching Rachael have a blast with her cousin Ty was a kick, too.)

Going to the grocery store with my new app. You have GOT to go to this website! You just choose your type of meal plan (I use the "natural and organic" plan, but there are a bunch to choose from like "crockpot" or "diabetic"--whatever) and WAH-LAH! A week's worth of recipes, instructions, and a shopping list. I was just about to cancel my subscription, because heaven forbid I go to the trouble of actually printing out the shopping list (I wasn't, so my subscription seemed like a waste), but then they came out with this super convenient app that put my shopping list right there at my lazy fingertips. Yes, today's shopping experience was magical. Magical! (Choosing salt water taffy flavors for the whole family with Rachael was fun, too.)

Commiserating with Kate over failing her driver's permit test at the DMV. I've done it myself more than once. Who on earth has the patience to actually study that drivel? And who wrote that blooming manual anyway? It's horrid! Redundant, mundane, unimaginative, self-important and yet totally unimportant information that will never in a million years be used in real-life driving experiences . . . typical government operation. (Ask me how I really feel.) Long story short: now she's studying the manual.

Making fish tacos with Rachael and learning that butter is a healing salve for jalapeno burns. Sadly, it was Rachael with the burn, not me, but getting to be the all-wise superhero mom by solving her problem is something I try to enjoy as much as possible these days since I know superhero status doesn't last forever. (Just ask Kate.)

Those fish tacos. They were super tasty! Every one of the kids liked them, which astounded me. I'm telling you, (And then get the app.)

Watching this video as a family while folding laundry together and then discussing it after. (Followed by Keebler Grasshopper cookies and milk. It's that FHE thing we do as Mormons and it's pretty awesome, even if all you do is watch a little video and eat cookies together.)

Rachael giving me too-long lip kisses as well as butterfly kisses in between laundry folding and video watching.

Having Will hand over his hard earned money to me as I clicked the "order now" button for this Dr. Who gadget. (He's totally hooked on Dr. Who.) It was just cute to see him so excited about it--kind of like the younger version of Will--and to look over reviews and product descriptions together. My little man is growing up, but there's still some little boy in him.

Last but not least: Brandon's night to do the bedtime routine so I could spend a few minutes blogging. Yippee! (We've started taking turns as of last week.)

It's shaping up to be a pretty good week. I think I'll wrap up Mexico tomorrow . . . and let's all give it up for the Boston police, right?


  1. If I tried the e-meal app, I might end up loving it, and then I'd never again use and thus never end up on your blog. Especially around dinnertime.

    If I didn't end up on your blog, then I wouldn't leave long-winded comments that you always seem to *accidentally* delete, and our friendship would never have to be in question.

    Have you ever read the "If you give a mouse a cookie" books, my daughter has all of them and loves them. My comment reminded me of those books.

    How's that for a RANDOM comment.

    Loved reading about all your loves of the day--except for the laundry party part. I LOVE doing my laundry alone. You'll never see a laundry party at our house and THAT'S OKAY, right?


  2. Tiffany, it posted! :D And I didn't say it was a laundry PARTY. I would describe it more as lazy mom who wanted to spread the wealth of housework around to the family by force.


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