Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meheeko: Day 4, Part 1

And thus ends our relaxing vacation by the pool and beach. Day 4 was a MARATHON. Since I inadvertently caused us to miss our first adventure tour on the first day of our vacation (but I had already paid for all 3), we ended up doing TWO tours on the same day. That wouldn't be such a big deal if each tour weren't about 6-7 hours long. Ya. We were a little exhausted by the end of the day. Hold on to your hats.

First up, the Offroad Adventure. After getting out of town, the open air Jeep we were in (with 10 other tour goers) stopped at this cute little Mexican town where we had a potty break and took a brief tour of the local church and a tortilleria. Again, these are all iphone pics. Good job, Apple:

Our tour guide was the coolest guy from Egypt. He made the day so entertaining, not just with all his random factoids, but with his fun personality: 
The Muslim from Egypt explaining Catholicism of Mexico:

Then we were off to the Mexican jungle. Mr. Egyptian (whose name I've forgotten) made a point of explaining to us why he had to carry a machete on our tour:
And then the retired school teacher from Texas had to pose for this picture: 
We hiked a trail for about an hour checking out all kinds of interesting plant life:

A termite nest:
The guide ate some and then invited those of us in the group to eat some as well. Who do you think was the one person who took the challenge? Of course, it was Brandon:
 Sort of wild livestock:
Water break before we did the last of our serious off-roading to get to the inner boonies. Bumpiest ride of my life:
These straps were our friends:

After passing through this little village, we were back in the boonies again and made one last pit stop for a potty break. In a cactus field. I was very grateful for one of the other ladies who had a little packet of tissues she was distributing to those in need. Don't worry, I buried it in the sand after:
Finally we got to our destination where we spent about a half an hour or so at this couple's home in the middle of nowhere and had THE BEST food of our entire trip. Freshly made tortillas, beans, guac, and salsa. So, so good! First, a little fruit appetizer and a demonstration by Mr. Egyptian, and then the real thing:

 My mouth is watering again just thinking about this stuff:


How's this for a side yard:

Heading back into town:

Our tour ended at the most amazing beach house with a full beachside BBQ:

Love the panoramic feature on the new iphone:  
You'd be good and tired after all of that, right? It was like 4:00 by the time we got back, but did we go chill by the pool for a few hours before having a leisurely dinner? Nope! Another 7 hour tour awaited us . . .

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