Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meheeko: Day 4, Part 2

After getting back from the Offroad Adventure, we had just enough time to change our clothes and go by the resort store to pick up a sweatshirt for the Rhythms of the Night tour leaving in about an hour. I had visions of wearing a cute beachy dress to this event, but it was starting to get chilly and we would be going by boat and staying until late that night so I quickly sacrificed looking cute for being warm. It was a good thing too, because even with jeans and a sweatshirt on I was still FREEZING all night. It put a little bit of a damper on the evening, but you'll see from the pictures that it was still pretty amazing.

First, a few pictures of the beautiful resort grounds as we made our way over to the taxi station:

If you ever go to Puerto Vallarta, you really should try to take a tour or two with Vallarta Adventures. It's the top rated tour company in the area and for good reason. While we were waiting to board our boat, we checked out the area where they do the Dolphin Adventure and I caught these cute pictures:

Finally on board. It was the last time we were warm that night. Looking happy:
I brought my "nice" camera on this tour because I knew the light would be low. Unfortunately, my cap blew off the boat from the wind. I'm feeling a little chilly again just looking at these pictures:
 So pretty:

We made a stop at one other port to pick up some people and this other tour boat was there:
Nothing like a sunset on the ocean:

The boat ride across Banderas Bay took over an hour, but the staff on board put on a great show. Super funny:

Welcome to Survivor Island Las Caletas:

The evening started off with an impressive show about ancient Mexico:

(No pictures allowed once the show started. Not that they would do it justice anyway. Much better than I anticipated!)

Then we went to a delicious buffet style dinner down by the water. There was plenty of time afterward to explore this beautiful property owned by Vallarta Adventures. I would love to go back again someday and do this on a warm night when not exhausted, but I did enjoy it as much as I could:


Um, even the bathrooms were amazing:

And the library/upper dining hall:

Don't these pictures make it look so warm and cozy? I wish that were true! Thankfully on the boat ride home they passed out thick wool blankets, but Brandon and I were wandering around on the island for so long that we didn't hear the bell ring to let us know it was time to leave and ended up heading back to the boat only after we noticed no one else was around. We ran all the way back, and were the last ones on board just as they were about to leave. All the seats down below were full, so guess which couple got to huddle together in plastic chairs up on top? Yep. Lucky us. The upside? The stars were unbelievable:
Fun, fun night.

Pardon the pun, but as wonderful as it was, Day 4 went a little overboard . . .

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