Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Here Again

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support in messages here on my blog, on Facebook, and in my personal email. I haven't responded to a single soul yet, but it has meant so much.

I'm back in Iowa, but this time I'm with Brandon, Kate and Will. (Brandon's parents, brother Todd and family are in Utah for spring skiing--their spring break--so we were able to leave the little girls with them. THANK YOU.)

Brandon and I went for a run this morning through the beautiful Willow Creek Park area and talked about how we simply MUST have trees wherever we move, the ladies from the church just dropped off about 75 pounds of food, Brandon is banging on the door to the bathroom telling Kate she's already been in the shower for 13 mintues (why did we let her go first?) while fine tuning the eulogy he will give later today. Will's getting out the checker board to play a game with Mimi (my mom), my Dad just came in the front door--knife in hand--with his usual spring offering for my mother of stolen neighborhood lilacs (he usually gets them for Mother's Day, but remember, spring came early here this year), and my mom is fussing in the kitchen out of habit even though we already have enough food to feed an army.

The funeral is this evening, and while I know many tears will be shed, there is a feeling here that the mourning is over. We mourned for Christina more in this life, and now that we know she truly is in a better place, we can almost feel her peace. The only sadness that remains comes from our missing her until our next reunion.

Hoping to see some of you good people tonight!

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