Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 17th Anniversary to Us

We're not going to be basking in the glory of the central California coast for our anniversary again this year. Brandon says I'm getting a house instead. It's this weekend (our anniversary), but tomorrow we are slated to clean the church with a breakfast to follow, Kate has a harp recital, and Elizabeth has a two hour play in the evening she's been working on for the entire school year. (I'm so glad she finally stopped throwing up! Poor girl. She's been home from school since Wednesday.) It's not looking like a great weekend to celebrate our anniversary. (Which is why you should always plan to GO AWAY. Life is too busy on any given family weekend.)

But tonight we walked part of Thanksgiving Point's annual Tulip Festival (ridiculously beautiful) and then enjoyed some FINE dining (I love Groupons) at Tiburon in Sandy. We shared (perpetually dieting) some New Zealand elk and the best spaghetti squash I have ever tasted in my life. (Oh, man!) And some creme brulee. Can't forget that.

With everything that has been going on we haven't really thought much about our anniversary, so I was glad we took the evening to celebrate. (Because we're kind of awesome together. But it would be even better to be awesome together in Japan or Ireland or Belize for a week by ourselves. Or the central California coast.)

And the whole anniversary thing reminded me that I got totally derailed from my "Love Story" installments!! I need to do another one sometime this weekend in honor of the big day, don't you think?

(Deseret News post here.)


  1. You tried New Zealand elk?? I live here and I haven't even tried it! Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! You need to come to America to try both New Zealand horned melon and New Zealand elk. ;D


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