Friday, April 13, 2012

11 Years of Yum (Weewum) (William)

I forgot to pack my battery charger, so I'm taking pictures like I used to before digital (that is to say, selectively, and not using the LCD screen), but yesterday I got some of the most amazing pictures at the top of Angel's Landing--a place you pretty much HAVE to bring your family in this lifetime if you are at all into the great outdoors. HOLY COW is all I can say . . . 

I'm thinking that Will's birthday landing on the day after my sister passed away and Easter weekend beginning the day after we buried her were probably blessings in disguise (albeit stressful blessings) since both were times of celebration. Like I mentioned before, some of our California family was in town for their spring break at the time of my sister's passing making it possible for us to leave the little girls with them while we went to Iowa with the older two for the funeral, but the added bonus was that it made for a great family birthday party on Saturday when we celebrated both Grandpa William and Little Man William. (Their birthdays are only one day apart.) Brandon and Will went skiing on his actual birthday, then we had the family over for a party on Sunday.

I don't make pretty cakes, but these were some pretty tasty brownies with PB frosting. Will's request:
Brandon's mom brought berry pie. A Reynolds favorite. And my fantastic decorations continue. That would be 6 individual candles, though I'm sure he feels more like 48:
Singing to each other along with the rest of us:

The kiddee table. Doesn't Kate look happy?
Love birdies:
Swap out Elizabeth for Ty and you've got a complete family picture:
Gotta love Rachael in this picture:

The real star of the show--wittle Claire:
We did our usual "hot seat" tradition of going around the room so everyone could say one nice thing they loved/admired about both Grandpa and Will. By and large Will got high marks for his smile, his laugh, his sense of humor, and his ability to make friends. I would also add that he's smart, sensitive, creative, and helpful. We sure do love our boy!

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