Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't All Moms Work?

Here's a little preview of what's going up on Deseret News tomorrow. I hope it gets people talking in a good way! We're pretty excited about the increase in our readership over at the Power of Moms since April's last post went viral and got over a million views. Our local NBC affiliate did a little bit about it if you care to watch. Go April! It's been a long time coming.

(Decided to just include a link to the actual post . . .)
 itself  . . . 


  1. Fabulous! Very well put!
    And I even commented while on my was that good!

  2. Great post, Allyson. I worked when both of my girls were born and had my usual 6 weeks of maternity leave with each. I finally quit working outside the home when my youngest was 9 months old--wish I had quite much, much earlier. It would have been much better for my kids and me. By the way, did the tornadoes in Iowa affect any of your family? I thought of them when I saw the news. Thanks for the KSL link on April's article. Gave me chills to know what an impact we have!

    1. Thanks for asking about my family, Anna! That was sweet of you! They weren't close to the damage. I'll never forget the last spring we lived there because we were huddled in the basement of our house with our three little kids/babies watching the tornado move toward our town on the doppler radar on the news! It did quite a bit of damage downtown, but we were fine. Scared, but fine!

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