Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last night's Blue & Gold banquet was a success, and I always love talking about Japan when I get the chance as I did last night for the teenage girls at church (immediately following the banquet). This morning I had a webinar for the bloggers at Deseret News on various and sundry things, and this afternoon I played family secretary/personal assistant for several hours while Rachael was in the land of imagination with a neighbor boy in our playroom. (This family secretary gig is starting to monopolize much more of my time than I could have ever imagined when my kids were younger. I'm just glad I found black clothes for Will's orchestra concert tomorrow and finally made some hotel reservations near Zion's National Park for spring break in April.) This evening I went over to the middle school to accompany the two different musical numbers being judged for (WHAT DO THEY CALL THAT WHOLE THING ANYWAY?) and--you won't believe this--about one page into the sweet and lovely Irish ballad sung by a quartet of equally sweet and lovely young women, my alarm to remind Elizabeth not to drink anything else before bed to avoid having an accident started going off: BOING BOING BOING! (Yeah . . . THAT one.) Finally, we had our second Learning Circle meeting of the year tonight at 9pm and it was positively wonderful. Such a great group of ladies. I took a lot of notes.

Last but not least, the homeowners still can't make up their minds about what price they are willing to accept for the house, so we are in a tormented holding pattern.

What this means is that I haven't finished Part 3 of "A Love Story" yet, even though I have now listened to the relevant parts of the old audio tapes from 1995 of us telling the story while it was still fresh. (They are classic! Brandon sounds like a teenager.)

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow . . .

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