Monday, February 20, 2012

A Love Story: Part 3 (A Stalled Project)

Brandon's two cents from my last post: He is quite certain I was late EVERY SINGLE DAY for the three months we served together with the exception of one day near the end of our missions when (after tiring of his incessant nagging about my lack of punctuality) I showed up on time with the announcement that I had only done so by cutting out the sacrosant scripture study time from my morning routine. (But you better believe I had my make up on . . .) 

Also, the dreadful "bag dresses" were called JUMPERS. (How and why did he remember that?) 

Typing up the stories of how Brandallyson came to be just happened to coincide with our cleaning out of "the office" this past weekend--a room in our rental house that is meant to be an office, which we have only ever used as a repository for our boxes of office "stuff" while waiting to move into our final resting place. (We find out tomorrow if our insulting offer on the most beautiful house ever was accepted or not. It's a down economy, folks, and we lost major money on our house in California, so they can take our offer or leave it, but we have reason to believe they will take it, and the anticipation is just about killing us!!)

Quite coincidentally, in the process of cleaning out the office I came across some long-forgotten-about gems: No less than FOUR audio tapes titled "B&A History". Once I saw them, I totally remembered telling our meeting/falling in love/getting married story into an audio recorder while driving back to BYU from Lake Powell after my first Reynolds' family vacation just a few months after getting married. (Isn't that cute? Kind of like Justin Beiber already writing his autobiography.)

Needless to say, I have both put out a request to my babysitting co-op group to see if anyone has a tape player I can borrow for a few days as well an order to for a tape to mp3 converter that should arrive in a few days.

I just feel like I shouldn't move forward without access to all the juicy details.

(And I also feel like I should say that I really like Brandon's old girlfriend who ended up marrying a guy from his church in California and then becoming good friends with my sister-in-law. She's super nice and totally funny and really pretty, and I probably only thought bad things about her when I saw her picture because my deeply buried subconscious was crushing on my future husband. I would probably be good friends with her as well if it weren't for the fact that she used to kiss to husband. That's just kind of kimochi warui. Icky.)


  1. Hi Allyson. You don't know me. I linked to your blog from Power of Moms. I am a mum of three young kids, from New Zealand. I have been following your blog for a couple of months and have just wanted you to know that I love it. Your writing is so real and witty and fun to read. And hilarious! Just what I need at the end of the day. Your love story is so great. Can't wait to read the rest of it. Thanks for blogging! Kelly

  2. I did a series on mine and Mike's meeting a few years ago too. I never did the final installment, to preserve Mike's dignity and my pride. I've considered doing the final installment this weekend as it culminates with the date we got engaged--February 25th.

    My story reminds me somewhat of yours. I couldn't stand Mike for a period which I know was my subconscious actually falling in love with him. We were friends for a couple of years first and unlike you, I absolutely adored one of his girlfriends and there are several entries in my journal expressing how much I loved Mike and *insert former g/f's name* and hoped they got married.

    I was a little icked out a few months ago when I received an email from the girlfriend who had found my blog from a newspaper article. Just doesn't seem right to reconnect with someone my husband once kissed. That's just wrong.

    Ha ha--we all have quite the love story now, don't we?

    Uh-oh yet another long comment...


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