Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Re-entering the Blogosphere

Exchanging Will's cello bow for a smaller one, delivering good-bye gifts to friends who are moving to London for two years, hosting the babysitting co-op, wrapping up the Engineer Badge with the Webelos, meeting with our realtor to put together an offer for a house, doing the February bills, taking my old college roomate and dear friend to lunch for her 40th birthday, attending pre-school parent/teacher conferences (apparently, Rachael is VERY social and popular--especially with Chase, her boyfriend), finishing Will's science fair project (Does cranberry extract affect urine pH?) and going to the fair itself, dropping off a present to a friend who is having a baby, taking Kate in to Brandon's office so he could lance, drain, and pack a funky looking abscess that had developed on her knee (she was NOT happy, but it had to be done), contacting her teachers for her assignments after missing school, doing both the junior high and pre-school carpool, going to the car wash, bank, drycleaners, and Target (twice), transporting children back and forth to cello, futsal, and theater class, picking up the repaired vacuum, dropping off next year's pre-school registration papers at the district office with a note saying the birth certificate and immunizations are "in the mail" after spending the morning on the phone/computer requesting both from our old pediatrician in LA and the California vital records department (that's right- I never ordered Rachael's official birth certificate, because I'm organized like that). 

That was my Monday-Wednesday, and I left out cooking, cleaning, laundry and other usuals. (Though dinner has been things like breakfast burritos and canned soup . . .) I also started to work out with weights again since Will went into Netflix and messed up my "Larkrise to Candleford" queue and I haven't had anything worthwhile to watch on the treadmill. (But I'm expecting the right DVD in the mail tomorrow--yippee!) I didn't realize how soft I had become in such a short amount of time If a 20 minute workout by Denise Austin can make you sore, you know you need to beef up a bit more . . . 

If I wanted to go all the way back to Sunday night, I would also tell you about borrowing my neighbor's vacuum (since mine was in the shop--two actually, but it turned out that one completely died) to spiff up the house before Saren's family came by for dinner on their way home from St. George, and how I decided to clean between the leather couch cushions for the first time in years, and in the process heard/saw a round shiny thing go up the coil/tube thingy and was just SURE it was my wedding ring that I lost over 3 years ago in California, and so I spent quite a bit of time with gloves on pulling apart the contents of a very full vacuum bag like you would pull apart cotton candy (though it was hair, not sugar strands keeping everything together) only to find a shiny metal BALL, like you might use in the game "Mousetrap." Utterly gross and disappointing. Especially since the contents of the bag weren't my own. (Sorry, Jen. You know I love you, but sorting through other people's vacuum bags is just too much. Don't take it personally.) 

This is my re-entry into the blogging world. I really do need write on a regular basis. (Not just Deseret News stuff, but personal stuff.) It's my way to stay connected with the real world and not just the world in my head!

P.S. Brandon's here beside me reading about "The Diety of Luxurious Foods" and "The Monkey Rice Field Prince" in one of his Japanese culture books. And he made me tea.

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