Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wild, Wild Weekend

Family style wild.  It's all just par for the course, nothing more than most families deal with all the time, but I still like to record this stuff every once in awhile so that someday when my weekends consist of Bingo tournaments and square dancing I can look back and appreciate this time of life for what it was. (And maybe offer to babysit my grandkids for a bit if they live nearby!)

Friday afternoon/evening: finished writing this post while the kids goofed off, took Kate to her piano lesson, Will to his soccer practice, picked up some Dominoes and went home to play Apples to Apples. (Man, do we ever get heated when we play that game! In a fun way. My kids should all join the debate team when they get older.)

Saturday: Brandon and I attended the nearby temple together VERY early, I took Will and Elizabeth to piano, Will to his soccer game, then Kate to a group harp lesson while I went to the grocery store with the little girls and Brandon took Will to get his hair cut, then I took all three girls to the second hand store to drop some things off and buy Elizabeth a wallet she was just dying to get for $1.50. Tacos for dinner, and Brandon and I ran a couple of errands before getting him in bed early because he was SICK!

Sunday: in the morning I had choir practice for a performance later that day, Brandon was made the second counselor to the new bishop in our congregation (kind of like one of two vice presidents?) during the same meeting as the choir performance, I made a big yummy Sunday dinner of roasted chicken, garlic roasted red potatoes, and strawberry spinach salad, then I helped Will do his "Star of the Week" poster since his birthday is coming up this week (I love to celebrate my children, but I have to admit, I DREAD those darn posters!), cleaned up all my messes, got everyone squared away while telling Brandon to get in bed early, and put some overnight oatmeal in the crockpot. (SO excited to try this! I love oatmeal, but my kids only want to eat the disgusting, sugary instant stuff. I'm determined to find a healthy recipe they will like, and I hope it can be in the crockpot the night before, because mornings are not my thing.)

Some pics:

The new bishop is the coolest Polynesian guy, so he had leis for the outgoing leadership as well as the incoming. (You can't tell, but he's really sick--did I mention that?  He may even cancel his clinic tomorrow.  I think that's a first.)
 My beautiful chicken.  Make it next weekend.
Rachael's latest obsession. When she's in this costume, she IS Winnie the Pooh, talks in a low voice, and insists on calling me "Allyson Reynolds." (Is this the cutest picture EVER?)

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  1. Is this the same Winnie the Pooh costume that you stuffed Will into one year for Halloween when he desperately wanted to be Spiderman?? HA! Do you remember that? p.s. Jason just got called BACK into the branch presidency as the second counselor too- he has served with EVERY branch president since we've lived here!


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