Friday, March 25, 2011

Bathroom Duty

The kids' bathroom can get pretty nasty as you can imagine.  Most children aren't too terribly conscientious about cleaning up after themselves, especially in the bathroom. (And I'm not a mom that follows my able-bodied children around cleaning up after them, so by Saturday that bathroom may need some serious help.) But everything changes when you've got bathroom duty. Suddenly, the bathroom is so noticeably gross and disgusting, that THIS is what you have to do to help you get through the job: 
Looks to me like he did a pretty good job.


  1. Wow, you mean my 10 year old should be able to clean his own bathroom? Sweet!

  2. Never thought of it quite like that. At our house, the kids ignore the pee stains and toothpaste clumps all week long, but then on Saturday during cleaning hour, it is suddenly so sickening no one even wants to go in there!! Hmmm-I'll have to remind them about that.


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