Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm crazy for pre-schoolers. I've always said that if my children could just come out as toddlers or pre-schoolers I'd be willing to have ten more. (Or if I had an Alice. I could do anything if I had an Alice!) I don't do the infant year very well. I survive, they survive, and that's about the extent of it. 

But pre-schoolers are a whole different story. (Just a categorization for her age group of 3-5 years old, she's actually not even in pre-school.) What I love about this age is that they are still cute, chubby and cuddly like babies, but way more independent and verbal.  (Less dependent, more able to communicate=happy mommy.) And because of their new command of the English language, pre-schoolers say THE DARNDEST THINGS! This is the age when you want to have a post-it note and pen handy at all times. 

Following are some of my current favorites that I actually had the sense to write down.

About twenty times a day (not an exaggeration) Rachael says, "Mommy?" "I wuv you." It's the most adorable thing ever! I positively HAVE to get it on video sometime with her little lisp, her big eyes, her tone of voice . . . 
If she's wearing something with a hood, she asks me to put up her "neighborhood."
She calls her forehead her "fork head," socks are "slocks," and spiderwebs are "widerpebs."
Instead of teeth she says "toofes"and her pro-nouns are all messed up--instead of "she is downstairs," she says, "her is downstairs." 
Her special blankie has evolved from "gami" to "gempi" to "bempi" (which, incidentally, means "constipation" in Japanese . . .) to "glempi" to it's current title of "glempit." 
Aren't pre-schoolers great? 


  1. She is adorable. Great pictures. I too love the pre-school years and now that I don't have any preschoolers I miss them.

  2. I seriously LOVE that kid. She makes me smile just looking at her and I'm not even related to her.

  3. These might be the cutest photos of her...EVER.


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