Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Is there anything cuter than a little first grade girl losing her first tooth?  Not much. When you're six, it really is kind of a big "coming of age" marker.  What better indicator is there that you are transforming from a "little kid" to a "big kid" than the loss of your baby teeth? (Conversely, the eruption of ADULT teeth!)

Elizabeth has been waiting a long time to lose a tooth.  She's one of the last among her friends.  When the bottom two were found to be a bit wiggly at her dental appointment last fall she was ecstatic.  But it took awhile. Obviously.

It finally came out a few weeks ago while twisting it during an assembly at school. (The one where they had a Jazz player come for a special visit as a reward for winning the Jazz reading contest--again! School wide combined reading minutes over a month topped one and a half million! You read that right.)

And miracle of miracles, the tooth fairy actually came the first night, before Mom and Dad went to sleep!  I think that's a first at our house. The two shiny quarters are still in her purse.

A few pics of my little tooth fairy with her new smile:


  1. Oh man-this post made my anxiety heighten... My 1st grader who is almost 7, has yet to have a loose tooth. I pray she gets one before the end of first grade, because her class has a 'tooth club' that obviously she is yet to be a part of....
    (And really, don't I have enough more serious concerns to be worrying about than whether or not my daughter will make it into the 'club?')

  2. Cute pictures of the missing tooth mouth. We are like you and all my children don't even start loosing teeth until first and second grade. We are told be all dentists that we loose teeth late. Great job on playing tooth fairy on night one, that's a hard one for me. I have to send myself an e-mail and then sometimes I still forget.

  3. Hey Allyson!
    I am just catching up on your blog since being out of town. I love reading your posts. The babe is 6 weeks and I have been in the throws of baby boot camp!
    If you join us here in Kansas City you could enjoy 70 degree weather!! Come on!! There is a house for sale next door.


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