Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Live Nativity

Picking up where I left off two Saturdays ago . . .

After spending the day decorating the house and tree, we went to a live nativity in the town next door.  I've never seen anything like it! We parked in a church parking lot where there were two shuttles taking people up to the property where the nativity was located. We were met by a young boy dressed in Bethlehem period clothing who recited the beginning of the Christmas story from Luke 2 about the Roman taxation. Then we hiked a little way up a hill past a couple of these "Roman soldiers" (dig the flannel).  At the top of the hill there were several people wandering around with sheep and llama, because I'm sure that's what it was like back then - people just wandering around with animals.  (Actually, it probably was.)  The kids loved it, of course!

 We got in line to go into a big barn:
 Once inside, we were met by some VERY LARGE camels.  Cool!

 Then the wise men continued the narrative of the story as we entered "Bethlehem":

Rachael listening intently:
 The barn was full of several "stations" where people in costume were building fences:
 Making horseshoes:
 There were shepherds:
 And a potter (who also happened to be a BYU fan):
 Basket weavers:
 And children playing games:
I was just starting to wonder where the baby Jesus was when we were led outside to another luminaire lit path heading for a different barn:
 A "stable" with the Christmas star:
And there he was! Unlike in the song Away in the Manger ("the little Lord Jesus no crying he makes"), this baby Jesus was a little fussy and needing his binky. I have to admit, it brought a tear to my eye, being reminded amidst all the hoopla that the Christmas we enjoy today traces back to a little baby born over 2000 years ago:
 Leaving the stable:
The best thing about this live nativity is that it was free, asking only for donations for Operation Smile.  I imagine they raise quite a bit of money - especially giving away this hot chocolate at the end! (Even though we took her to the bathroom right before we left, Rachael peed her pants near the end and then spilled hot chocolate all over herself.  Sweet!)
 Back in the warm shuttle:
 They just love to have their picture taken:

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  1. Love that you kept that nice, festive, spiritual experience real with your daughter peeing her pants at the end! Classic mothering moment...


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