Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deseret News

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break which I'll blog about "later", but the next two weeks are going to be BUSY as we do the final edits for our first Power of Moms book coming out in August. The publisher wants it by January 15th, so we are busting our tails to choose winners from all the submissions we got in our essay contest, plus we need to write our own stuff, and then of course put it all together in a smooth format. We're shooting for December 15th so April and Saren can do final final edits before January. (Then the publisher will do the final final final edits . . .)

Yes, my already next to non-existent quiet computer time is being eaten up by this exciting project, and another one that I am SO PSYCHED to link to today: check it out! Are you kidding me?  Is that really me?  Yep, we have a new blog on Deseret News, Utah's largest "paper". Apparently they get about 2 million readers a month, so I've got to think someone will read our little blog. Woo hoo!!  It's just April, Saren and I writing for now (April and I this month since Saren just moved), and we agreed to three days a week initially (they'd like 5), but that's still a lot of writing time I've got to carve out of nowhere.  Love it.

So pardon me for dropping out of the blogging world for the next little while.  I'm just fulfilling my density.  (Name that movie.)


  1. Wow, Congratulations! I'm sure you'll find time to write. After all, Kate's plenty responsible. :) It's back to the future with you, I guess.

  2. Congratulations!!!!
    Look forward to reading them.

  3. Wow, congratulations on your achievement. I am sure you will do well at it. I am looking forward to reading your articles.

  4. "Back to the Future". Hellooo, McFly! Congrats on the Deseret News gig.

  5. "What if they don't like it? What if they tell me I'm no good? I don't think I could handle that kind of rejection." I am happy to see that you didn't follow George McFly's credo. Even if you are his density. I mean, his destiny.

  6. Great Column! Thanks for the inspiring words I just bookmarked the link.

  7. Found you through April's blog (which I found through Power of Moms) and just finished reading your article on Deseret News. It was fabulous! Thank you so much for your insight. The Power of Acceptance . . . how important that is as a Mother. And yet, easier said than done. As a Learning Circle leader myself, I look forward to discussing this and other topics further next year.

    I just posted my first article on Power of Moms and share your passion for Motherhood and Families. I have some of the interests and goals as you and would love learning from you and your experiences and how you continued to grow in your writing and presenting while raising a family (we have 4 children, as well).

    I look forward to corresponding with you -
    Amanda Wilkinson


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