Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Recovering

I don't know why I can survive ten weeks of summer without a problem, but everything falls apart when the kids are home for a four day weekend in the middle of the school year. I'm sure it has something to do with "routine", but I spent all day yesterday cleaning up the mess and tending to everything we neglected over the long weekend. It was well worth it. What a fun, fun time we had.
On Friday we went to California Adventure for the first time since Kate was a pre-schooler and on Monday we went to the Channel Islands for the first time ever. Was that ever amazing! Brandon has been wanting to go for years so we finally made a plan and did it. (Pictures to follow.)
Saturday was busy with baseball practice and making a car for the pinewood derby tonight (again, pictures to follow ), but the best thing about Saturday was that the kids spent HOURS in front of the house playing on the swing they made per instructions in The Dangerous Book for Girls.
It looks so tacky and they are destroying the professional landscaping, but I just can't resist kids being kids in this way: being creative, working and playing together, enjoying the outdoors. It's so 1940's. So life before TV and video games. Here they are:

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