Saturday, February 6, 2010

The helicopters are back

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I kept waking up every few hours to the sound of heavy, heavy rain. For the last decade of our married life, waking up to the sound of rain has meant possible flooding or leaking so I've been conditioned to feel dread when I wake to that sound. We flooded three times in Iowa (one time was two days before Christmas when the main city water line on our street froze and burst, filling up our basement with more than a foot of freezing, feces laden water - lovely) and we had a leaky roof in our current house that caused some minor damage until we replaced it last year. But I feel very grateful today that we are not in the mudslide zone. I feel so bad for those people who lost their homes. They are just a few streets over from us and the helicopters have been going overhead all day long, rattling the windows just like back in August during the fires.

We were surprised to find so much water this morning in our back patio area where Brandon keeps his bonsai trees. As we lay there in bed this morning, the kids jumping on the bed telling us all about it, Brandon said to me with his eyes closed, "When I was at the hardware store yesterday I saw some galoshes and thought 'those might be nice to have sometime'." Too bad he didn't get them.
Homemade waffles to warm everybody up on a cold, rainy morning.

Okay, not that cold.

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  1. All the rain is getting kinda old. We've been evacuated (again) but we're not going anywhere this time. I'm glad you're safe and mud-free at your house.


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