Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Driving Around Town

There are emergency vehicles and dump trucks everywhere. They are waiting for the mud to start flowing again. I'm sure a bunch are also clearing out mud from the debris basins so they don't overflow any more. This Big Lots sits right at the bottom of Ocean View where there were several homes destroyed. I took this on my way to the music store for a Suzuki Book 1 for cello. (Oh, I hope Will sticks with it! I LOVE the cello! He asked to play it, I didn't push him. Okay, I suggested it, but I didn't push him.)

This street is just a few blocks over from us on the way to harp lessons.
This is after dropping off Will and a friend at cub scouts and heading home from Kate's harp lesson.
Sandbags are another common sight around town these days.
Here's to a dry night!

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