Monday, December 14, 2009

Tree Trimming

Thanksgiving weekend at our house is pretty much devoted to getting ready for Christmas. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is Get-The-Tree-Day. We originally went to this place in Valencia about three years ago because it was the closest cut your own tree farm. (I'm a sucker for any cut/pick your own whatever farm.) Come to find out, the only "Christmas" trees that grow naturally here are really not great Christmas trees. So we bought one of their pre-cuts and it smelled so good and lasted so long we've gone back the last two years. (We were also persuaded to return by the Claim Jumper restaurant nearby . . .)

Apparently the monkey bars were more interesting than picking out a good tree.
The next time Kate's BYU sweatshirt comes through the laundry,
I'm going to hide it.
Could she be any cuter?
I like the palm trees in the background. Christmas trees and palm trees.
I climbed up there with the kids for this fun pic.

This random tractor in the middle of the farm made me miss Iowa, especially with the obnoxious power lines in back.
Mission accomplished.
It took Brandon two weeks before he got the lights on the tree, but as of a week ago we are fully decorated and ready to go!
This is just so funny I had to include it.
Next project - presents! Not only did Elizabeth put her name on this and circle it, she took a picture of it. She means business! I never did turn our cable back on after cutting it this summer and I have to say it's been so nice in so many ways. One of those ways is that my kids have hardly asked for anything for Christmas because I think they don't know what they are missing due to the absence of commercials. But then these catalogs starting showing up in the mail . . .

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  1. Cute Family- I am glad I came upon your blog address on FB.


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