Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza . . . Happy Holidays!

The parties and programs continue! Here we have pictures of Elizabeth at her kindergarten program where she held a Kwanza candle and sang "This Little Light of Mine". They sang songs from all three major holidays (I don't know if Kwanza is a major holiday, but I presume someone out there observes it or we wouldn't be singing these songs at our schools, right? I think I'll take a poll among my African American friends and find out how many of them actually celebrate Kwanza. Maybe I'll be surprised!) The program lasted all of 15 minutes and was packed with camera toting parents and grandparents, all bearing assigned plates of cookies (recipes included in the obligatory kindergarten cookie cookbook - love it!) which amounted to LOTS AND LOTS of cookies! We made "Gingerbread Babies" - the recipe was taken from the pages of an adorable Jan Brett book about the Gingerbread baby. No programs for the older kids - just sugar laden class parties.

Of course the church party was all about recreating the Nativity. All the little girls were angels, the boys were shepherds, and the very little ones were sheep. I couldn't get a good picture of Will, and Rachael would have nothing to do with a sheep costume so it's just more of Elizabeth.

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