Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let the festivities begin!

Every year in December our little southern California town brings some snow down from the mountains, dumps it in our city park and the kids go wild. They also have some reindeer on hand, some mediocre live music (I'm being generous), and of course - Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

Here's Rachael working on a snow angel with some cute little guy who thought he'd do it too.

There's not much snow to begin with and it gets beaten down pretty fast, so this is all we could manage for a snowman. Pretty sad after growing up in Iowa where I can remember making snow caves out of the snow drifts in our front yard . . .

Waiting expectantly for the arrival of Santa.

The line is always obnoxiously long, so this year I made a point of getting in line early. We still waited close to a half an hour. The kids were getting goofy from both excitement and boredom.
Especially Will.

Kate was not about to sit on Santa's lap, but as we were taking pictures of the three kids, Santa himself motioned for Kate to get in the picture too. She's smiling here, but she was mad about it for the rest of the night. (The town newspaper also shot a picture and she was mortified at the thought of showing up in the newspaper! It just makes me laugh.)
Had to include this one. It reminds me of Beeker from the Muppets.

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