Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer: 63 Days

Something my husband learned about me really early on is that I have no interest in cars whatsoever. I don't even notice them. I am always surprised when people talk about what kind of car so and so drives as if it were an identifying trait like hair color. I never know. To illustrate, when we were dating Brandon drove a green Bronco (just like the one in the great O.J. chase) and loves to tell the story about us coming out of a movie theater together and me walking over to a nearby green pick up truck thinking it was his car. Sadly, it's true. Not only can I not tell the difference between cars, I don't even care. The first car I ever owned was the one I inherited by virtue of getting married. This clueless characteristic carries over to all electronic devices. Brandon got me a new cell phone about a year ago and I still haven't figured out how to set up the voice mail. My kids discovered months after I had been using it that it was loaded with games. Why would I need games on my cell phone? In any case, my husband just got a new car with so many unnecessary extras I'm afraid to drive it. Not the least of which is the keyless ignition. Now what is the point of that? Especially if you have the keys in your hand anyway? This is nothing less than a boy toy. You have to press the brake in order to be able to push the ignition button. This only works if you are in the car holding the keys. (Again, why not just use the keys?) Off I went to return some clothes to Marshalls, the armpit of all shopping establishments in our area. (This is another thing about me that my husband does not understand - why I always return about a third of the things I buy.) I found a parking spot, pushed the button to turn the car off and started to get out of the car. But then I realized I didn't have the keys! I must have searched for ten minutes before I found them mixed in with the myriad of shopping bags on the floor of the car. If I had used the keys as they were intended to be used they would have already been in my hand. Where are you supposed to put the keys to the car if you aren't using them to drive? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

Today's Super Summer Tally:

Johnson's Camp
Playdate with cousins and more swimming
Water balloon fight in the backyard
Stained glass sticker craft
Harry Potter 1 in preparation for next Wednesday

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