Thursday, July 2, 2009

Iowa Part 3: I-80

Bugs on the windshield. Road kill. Hog farms. Pick ups and Harleys. Grain silos. Train tracks. Country music stations. Lots of white people. Big sky. Casey's and Kum & Go. Red barns and corn fields. Thick muddy rivers. Antique malls. American flags painted on barns. Homemade signs that read, "Brown Eggs, Strawberries, Rhubarb" or "God is Pro-Life, Are You?". Water towers. The Hawkeye Motel. Cattle. Thunderheads. Neatly manicured lawns with plastic animals. Truck washes. Clover, black eyed susans, Queen Anne's lace and cattails.

Yup. I'm in Iowa.


  1. Trade the hog farms for cattle pastures, and Missouri sounds just the same. Oh, and no Hawkeye hotel. It's just Tiger country down there.

  2. You make Iowa sound so fun! I'm glad you got to your reunion...finally. What a nightmare! And I'm impressed you passed on The Power of Moms website to the taxi driver for his wife. Wow, what an adventure!

  3. Actually, Scott says, it sounds like you just described the south. Great to see you ALL! Miss you already. Thanks for making the drive to Ames!!


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