Thursday, March 8, 2012

More House Cleaning

You know this blog is for keeping my mom in the loop more than anything, right?

So here's "everything else" in pictures from the last few months.

Wachael sweeping:
This easel in the kitchen gets A LOT of use:
How grateful I am that this one child never needs (or wants) help with her random school projects. This one has something to do with the Holocaust:

Helping out at Will's 5th grade Vday party:

Like a mini Halloween:

 I got him some metro stuff for Valentine's Day. He likes to smell good:
I have an old Raggedy Ann doll my maternal grandmother made me when I was a little girl that the girls love to play with, and wouldn't you know it? Brandon has an old Raggedy Andy:
She also likes the laundry basket:
This year's Blue & Gold Banquet:
Nothing like chips and a strawberry for dinner:
Getting his Webelos badge:
There's a little pin for the moms, too. My leader shirt is so super flattering:
More cute and easy bento lunches:
Chocolate covered cinnamon bears--a Utah favorite:

The baby whisperer with Liv:
My sister-in-law Laura is in town from L.A.  (with baby Liv! yay!) for an art show she was a part of and also to visit her immediate family. She shared some of the love with us last Sunday and is coming back again  this Sunday with Brent and Camille. Look at these cuties:
I've got to get going. Katniss and Gale are having a deep conversation about how they're going to escape and I need to know what happens. (Kate and I are completely obsessed with the Hunger Games series.  Movie comes out the 23rd, you know!) 

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