Friday, March 16, 2012

Goodbye Winter

Today I saw both crocuses and daffodils in full bloom. It's been sunny and mid 60's for over a week now, and the scent of spring is definitely in the air. This winter has been very mild with hardly any snow and so much more sun than last year that I don't even mind seeing her go. (That may be a smidgen of a lie.) I'm sure it will snow again (and melt again, and snow again, and melt again) before we're totally out of the woods, but I won't be taking anymore pictures of Winter 2012. I didn't take many to begin with. These were all taken either on our back porch or driving to and from cello lessons:



Today we got Shamrock Shakes before piano lessons, I picked up some Lucky Charms for breakfast tomorrow morning, and I plan on making this tomorrow night. Happy St. Paddy's Day! (Brandon and I found we have more consistent weight loss/maintenance if we keep a little sugar in our daily diet. I'm sure it's the deprivation thing. Don't make anything forbidden! So, ya, we threw in the Lent towel. We'd probably feel guilty about it if we were Catholic.)

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