Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best Pictures of 2011: February

Remember my goal of printing out all 24,753 pictures floating around in my computer from the last seven years, 2 months worth at a time, one month at a time . . . forever? (Does that make sense?)

Well, I really liked the idea of doing it through Costco because it's cheap and fast, and picking up my pictures there would have the added benefit of forcing me to shop there. (I don't know why I need to be forced. There's just something about Costco that repulses me despite the deals and the variety. I think it's the quantity. Too, too much of EVERYTHING. I don't know where to start and stop! I should have been born in Bolivia . . . or the 19th century.) 

Unfortunately, my computer and Costco are NOT syncing, so I finally bought a pre-paid plan with Shutterfly and at this very moment have two months worth of pictures sitting in my virtual shopping cart. (Yay me!

In any case, here are the best of last year's February pics. Not much by way of photography, mostly just stuff I want to remember. (February isn't a particularly photogenic month in Utah. I try to forget that Feb-March is the most beautiful time of year in southern California. Sniff, sniff.) 

50 cent cones at Thanksgiving Point:

Will's 4th grade play. Nice haircut:

One of my Valentines of 2011:

Last year's personal vacation:
My bed was comfier than his:
Room with a view:
Distracting myself with my iphone right before they knocked me out and stuck a probe down my throat:
(If you don't know what in the world I'm talking about, you can read about all the glorious details of my fake heart attack here. I hope to do an entire post on panic and how I've dealt with it in the last year for anyway who cares, or--more to the point--anyone who struggles with it. The short story is that I've dealt with it very, very well, and what I've learned has been fascinating.) 

The Blue & Gold banquet for cub scouts:

Back when Brandon was the Cub Master:
(Making me the Cub Mistress . . . heeheehee)

I've had a note in my iphone for over a month now to go get more of these bulbs for forcing:
If you've really got some time on your hands, go over and read today's post that I didn't really end up liking very much, but since I've had several nice comments on the The Power of Moms website maybe you'd like it too! (No comments on Deseret News yet. What's new. Martin? Get wise cracking.)

Is anyone else watching the Superbowl Tuesday coverage right now like I am? This race is BANANAS!


  1. Wha..? I commented on the "Helicopter Parent" post. I'll go over to the DN now and see what I can come up with. ("Visions?" "Patience?" Oh, boy.)

    I heard a great expression recently that aptly describes the Costco shopping experience: "Being able to buy an elephant for a dollar is a good deal only if (1) you need an elephant, and (2) you have a dollar."

    1. Martin that is the perfect Costco expression.

  2. Girl, I was up until 1:00 watching FOX NEWS to finally see Mitt take Ohio. What a squeaker! Really, this is bananas..


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