Saturday, January 21, 2012


I wrote up an article for Deseret News about that depression stuff. You can read it here. I'm seriously fine if I do 80% of those things every day. 

Phase 1 of the blog make-over complete. Do you like it?

We're enjoying an evening at home watching 'Totoro' after a day of taking care of business. (Our entire family is positively NUTS for Hayao Miyazaki's Japanese anime!) Brandon and I looked at a dreamy (and I mean DREAMY) house this morning. Kate had a group harp lesson after that, and Will worked on both his monthly book report (I recommended the story of a Korean boy in A Single Shard and he loved it) and his project for the upcoming science fair (he's doing something urine related, of course). Both Will and Elizabeth had friends over a good portion of the day, and Rachael never got out of her pajamas. Brandon took care of some office stuff and replaced the battery for his keyless car entry key after not being able to get in his car (the downside of progress). I did who knows what. (Chinese for dinner. Asian theme all around today.)

Life this past week:

Kate pounding out Green Day and Coldplay on the piano, Will shuffling around the house trying to generate enough electricity to shock the nearest person, Elizabeth doing Just Dance 3 with me in the playroom, and Rachael nursing the little African American doll Kate got for her 3rd birthday over 11 years ago. (It probably cost less than $10 and is always the doll of choice despite the wide array of fancy dancy caucasian baby dolls floating around the house. Of course I have no problem with her nursing a little African American baby, but I find it interesting since I assume most children normally choose dolls of their same ethnicity, right?)

More Asian thoughts: I don't know why I always remember this date, but yesterday (the 20th) was the 19th anniversary of the day I went into the MTC (Missionary Training Center) for my mission to Sendai, Japan. Maybe I remember simply because my mission was so life changing. (And not just because that's where I met Mr. Wonderful.)

Speaking of my mission (the Mormon thing, not the Japanese thing), this republican presidential campaign is getting more interesting by the minute! What do you make of this article after Romney got squashed in evangelical conservative South Carolina tonight? I wonder!

Rachael just pushed her baby into the living room in a stroller and told me she has an invisible husband named Buttonsrolled. Sweet!

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  1. I LOVE the new look. Very slick. Nicely done!

    Time to actually pin something in your Pinterest account! ;)


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