Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's

My most memorable New Year's Eve was probably the one I spent in Germany when I was 18 ringing in the new year and decade (1990) with friends by playing cards and doing what we always did as teenagers growing up in Illinois: banging pots and pans while screaming at the top of our lungs in the middle of the street at the stroke of midnight. (That trip to Europe deserves a whole post of its own. Have I ever written about it?) I have a really hard time believing that was over 20 years ago, but the calendar doesn't lie. 

Since having children, our New Year's Eves have been fairly uneventful--even pathetic. But I don't mind anymore. I have a hard time getting too excited by a simple change in the calendar, though I absolutely LOVE making goals for a new year. Always have. I don't care what people say about making resolutions. It inspires me. 

Tonight we gathered here in sunny SoCal (and it has been gorgeous!) at Brandon's parent's home with them, his brother Todd and his family, and ate leftover Japanese curry and vegetable lasagna, played Balderdash, and counted down (Martinelli's in hand) while watching the ball drop live in NY on CNN. (9pm here--perfect for the kids' bedtime and for Brandon and Todd to make the 10:00 showing of the second Sherlock Holmes movie.) We had CNN running as we were waiting for the ball to drop until Kathy Griffith decided to take her clothes off and prance around in her bra and underwear next to Andersen Cooper talking about heaven knows what. (What is wrong with that woman? What is wrong with the CNN producers? What is wrong with our culture?) We had to turn it off until the last minute. 

I love that the New Year follows the decadent and undisciplined month of December. After overindulging in every way possible I am ready to get back on track, start afresh, and re-commit myself to the disciplined life. I love it actually. Monday is my favorite day of the week, and January is my favorite month. There's just something about a fresh start. I think it's the Japanese in me. I wrote a rather poor post about it for Deseret News here (didn't have much time to devote to that one) but the Japanese traditions of New Year's really do appeal to me. 

I'm now typing with my eyes closed (sometime while typing we entered 2012) as I wait for Brandon to get back from the movie and wonder if Kate and Will are asleep yet. I think I'll write more later about the goals/resolutions I decide on for the coming year. They will fall under these categories:


Any others you'd recommend? Happy New Year!

P.S. Brandon got me a wide angle lens for Christmas! Look what it can do: 

The beach

The Getty

Descanso Gardens

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