Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Apologies

Is it possible to die from lack of sun exposure? If so, all of Utah county is about to go the way of the dodo bird.

Would someone, anyone, who lives in this area please assure me that this "spring" weather is not normal? One of the reasons we moved here was because of the number of sunny days. Are all those sunny days saved up for the summer months alone or something? I swear I'm going to die from seasonal affective disorder.

I just watched a series of these youtube videos in an effort to force some happy into me so I can carry on with all the planned festivities of Easter weekend. (This guy is the funniest clean comedian ever! Just hit "replay" to view Emergency Room Part 2.) I'm gearing up to go to the grocery store right now (yes, the night before Easter dinner), but I really just want to crawl into bed with a book or my laptop. I am going OUT. OF. MY. MIND.

My neighbor that reads my blog asked me if that picture of Rachael in my Easterpalooza post was taken in our yard in California. Yes, Jen, yes it was. In the land of perpetual sun, mild temps, and overgrown lushness--that was my home of yesteryear.

Sure, we were broke, the state was broke, the government was incompetent, the work environment for doctors was hostile and frustrating, the possibility of certain death from a massive earthquake was high, the pace was way too fast, the proximity to Hollywood too close, but California is a naturally beautiful and sunshiny place year round, and sunshine is a very real happy drug for me--I'm missing it right now. Bad.

I actually wore my grandma quilt coat to Will's soccer game yesterday and I was STILL CHILLY!  Brandon brought his bonsai trees back in last night because it was supposed to dip below 30 degrees. It's not right, folks, it's just not right.

Sigh. Just had to get that off my chest.


  1. Oh Allyson-I'm so sorry. I'm enjoying 80' weather here in DC and dread the return to cold. Which I shouldn't be dreading at the end of April! Hang in there Allyson.

  2. I hate to be the one to give you the bad news, but unfortunately it is generally gloomy in these parts from January through the end of April. The great news is that summertime here is fabulous! And since you've already seen what it's like here in the fall, I needn't tell you how amazing that is!

    A friend of mine showed me a little something at church today she was using to keep her hands warm and I instantly thought of you. Perhaps these would come in handy while you're freezing on the sidelines at Will's soccer games:

  3. Allyson,

    I am totally with you. My husband tells me I could have been an Amazon Sun Worshiper. I love the sun! My solice is the gas powered fire place. I curl up in front and either read a good book or sleep. It isn't sun, but at least it's warmth!

    Here is one more you tube video you may enjoy that my sister-in-law shared with me. If you can't get to it by the link, just search mani-pedi comedian.


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