Friday, April 22, 2011

Arches Day 2

After sleeping off our banana boats and lazing the morning away, we got ready for another round of arches:

I didn't really think anything could be better than those views from our hike to Double O Arch, but then we headed into Double Arch:
Wait for it . . .
 It gets bigger . . .
Look at the little ant people up inside:
 Brandon and Kate are in there:
 Let the climbing begin!
Up in the bowl:

Brandon and I took Elizabeth up in there after Kate and Will came down, even though they said it would be too hard for her. Elizabeth is pretty scrappy and made it with no problem. (Better than I did!) 

 Down in the cracks and crevices:

And of course, up into the arch itself:


The views from up inside were spectacular:

Isn't he cute?

Heading out:

Kate frequently borrows my FAVORITEST sweatshirt of all time--my hooded APS sweatshirt from nineteen summers ago! (I worked in a fish cannery up in Kodiak, Alaska with my college roommate and best friend. She and I and one other 19--year-old girl ran the kitchen up there, making and cleaning up three meals a day for all the people working in the cannery. Such an adventure.) 
Lunch break at the RV:

Then we walked "across the street" to another set of arches, Turret and Windows:

 The other side:
Windows. (I think it should be called "glasses" or "eyes with a lumpy nose," but hey.)
The back side:
One eye up close:

More gorgeous vistas:


Heading back out:

Rachael fanagled the Camelbak from Elizabeth after she got tired of carrying it:
 Could this child be any cuter?

My fav:
Come back tomorrow (or soon . . .) for DAY 3!

And go onto Deseret News and make a comment on my latest blog!  It was the #1 read blog yesterday for most of the day--woo hoo! (No wonder, I was talking about women and fat . . .)

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