Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why I Like Winter (i.e. My Pep Talk for February)

(Editor's Note: Some of the following pictures were taken in November, in case you're wondering why the grass is still green . . .)

1) I can run errands with groceries in my trunk for as long as I want and not worry about the frozen/refrigerated stuff.
2) I can keep extra food or drinks out in the garage if I run out of room in the fridge.
3) It doesn't matter if I don't have time to shave my legs.
4) I look better in cold weather clothes. Especially in January and February when I have some leftovers hiding under there from the holidays.
5) The feeling of being warmed up by hot drinks, soups, or stews.
6) Sleeping! I sleep so much better when the house is cold and I'm under several heavy layers of blankets.  (Brandon makes fun of me because I essentially make a cave for myself every night before bed, complete with a pillow over my head. I know, weird.) Bonus: the sun doesn't wake me up too early in the morning if I actually get a chance to sleep in!
7) Hibernating. I like that I don't feel compelled to go outside. Late winter after the holidays is the perfect time to slow down, bundle up, and enjoy a good book or indoor projects:

 (Not my house, but it looked so cozy I had to take a picture!) 
8) It's pretty:

9) It's fun:
(Pretend I also took pictures of the most fun we've had outdoors in the winter, skiing and sledding.)

Even if it can be a pain in the neck:

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