Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Good Day

It's 9:16pm and I'm in one of the two comfy chairs at Starbucks, plugged in. (I left a more quiet and comfy chair at Barnes & Noble hours ago when my battery died and they told me all their outlets were capped because of power surges. Bummer!)

Today I had my gray covered and got bangs.

Today I had an In-N-Out hamburger (animal style) for dinner.

Today I spent many uninterrupted hours finishing my chapter!

If you can believe it, Brandon insisted I not come home until I was totally done. He single-handedly managed a book fair, parent teacher conferences, a book report, and of course the always super fun dinner, bath, and bedtime routine. (His only unmarried brother is 17 and may be available.)

It's been a good one--thanks, Bran! 

(Brandon with the face of someone trying hard to be a good sport about a horsey ride as well as a photo of the horsey ride.  If this doesn't just say it all . . .)

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