Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day

Technically, it wasn't, since the snow started falling after the kids left for school and the roads were fine before it ended, but it kind of FELT like a snow day because Will was home sick from school. (After the weekend of his horrible croupy cough and subsequent breathing problems.)  It started snowing in the late morning--big, fluffy flakes that make you notice, so I started taking pictures:

As it started coming down even more, blanketing everything, I just had to open up the porch door and get some pictures:

I couldn't stay in the house anymore, so Will, Rachael and I put on our coats and boots over our pajamas and went for a ride. We spent about an hour and a half driving around taking it all in, me snapping a million and one pictures, almost always from the middle of the road since hardly anyone else was out. (Will was on the look-out for cars while I took pictures.) I got stuck several times, the worst while I was taking these next few pictures. I was using every trick I could remember to get my big ole' mom van out of that person's driveway. (Let me tell you, I was starting to sweat as I thought about the homeowners, a police officer, or some tow truck guy coming for me out there in my pajamas with no make-up on at noon!) Thankfully, I got out by the skin of my teeth and got these great pictures in the process:

We drove up to the mouth of the canyon to peek in and see what we could see (not allowed in without snow tires), but it was too snowy to see much of anything:
So we headed back into town:

This one was actually taken several weeks before, but I had to include it somewhere.  Cute little birdy nest:
Home again, home again, jiggety jig . . .
More reasons to like winter: I get to wear my grandma coat whenever I leave the house, which is basically like wrapping up in a down quilt with a furry hood. Super comfy! One more: when I'm cooking in the kitchen or doing an Exercise TV workout, I love the feeling of opening up the window and getting a blast of cold air on my face. Lastly: no yard work. (I'm working it here people! February can be a long one. I can't even think March yet. . .)

What do you like about winter?

More importantly, I've got to come up with three articles this week for Deseret News the following week about loving yourself.  How do you show love for yourself?  (Help me out here. All five of you.)

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  1. How do I show love for myself? Getting into a hot, bubbly bath tub by myself with some good reading material when there is laundry to be done, homework papers to be signed, musical practicing to oversee and instead I say, "If you are bleeding,or you are dying or there is a fire, call my name. Otherwise LEAVE.ME.ALONE."


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