Friday, October 9, 2009

Going Back

I couldn't resist going back and posting some of my favorite pictures from the last month and a half.

This first one was taken on the drive home from our family reunion at Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah in a little podunk town where we stopped to get some migraine medication at a pharmacy for Brandon. (The after effects of a family "vacation"?) Don't you love the generous offer?
Also on the drive home.
Last day. Isn't this place beautiful?
My favorite part about this family camp was the cafeteria style dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not the greatest food by any stretch, but I didn't make or clean up a scrap of it! Ahhhh.
They had a "family dance" the last night we were there. So cute! So fun! The Numa Numa song rocked.
The kids put on a show the last night, and for some reason this little boy on the left was torturing poor Ty the entire program! Elizabeth was oblivious to it all. All she saw were hundreds of eyes on her.
Kate rappelling after the ropes course.

Elizabeth feeling proud of herself.

Don't you love the look on his face?
We ate the fish Will caught for breakfast the next morning.

Shauna and I taking a little stress reliever from the kids!
Kate and Nicole
What boy can resist a giant water balloon sling?
The Aspen Follies
One of the many parks near our lodge.
Trent and Laura - the newlyweds. Aw.
Ready for the ropes course.
I think this was taken right after I bashed into a tree from goofing around while rappelling.
Go Mom!
My in-laws are the proud parents of 6 sons, and the youngest (20 years younger than my husband) just received his Eagle so they really wanted to get a picture of them while they were all together.
Here they are making fun of themselves. They are going to hate that I posted these pictures.

Could this be any cuter?
Too bad we didn't think about matching for this picture!
This one tells the story of many moments I live through on a regular basis.
Cousin Paige!
I finally got together with my dear friend Tiffany after almost 15 years! We met up with our cumulative seven kids at a beach between her home in San Diego and mine in Los Angeles. We were friends in high school and roommates in college. This was the last beach trip before school started. We couldn't stop talking!
The infamous "Station Fire". This is the freeway exit to our house and we live straight ahead. I took this a day or two before our evacuation.
Two blocks from our house.
What should have been the first day of school, I took the kids downtown to the Science Center to escape the smoke smell.

Hurricane simulator.

First day of kindergarten!

This is the only time I will have three children in one school.
New shoes!
Memorial Day weekend we had our last family BBQ and swim at my in-laws and celebrated my and Ty's birthdays.
Will and Ty
Dad and his girls.
Dinner? Who needs dinner!
Cousins are some of the best friends.
Thanks, Brent! You made her day.
In our church, once you are 12 you can enter the temples. We took Kate to the Los Angeles Temple where Brandon and I were married almost 15 years ago.
Brent, Mom, Brandon, Kate, Me, Laura and Trenton
Is this so funny how Kate and I are moving in exactly the same way? And how cute is Brandon playing with Kate's hair while talking to her? (He is such a good dad. He is at a "daddy/daughter campout" with Kate and Elizabeth tonight.)
I've told Kate for years she could pierce her ears when she turned 12, but as it got closer she said she didn't want to. The morning before her birthday I casually mentioned that if she wanted to I would still take her to get her ears pierced. Here she is 24 hours later.
Back to the present. Just another darling picture of Rachael on her 2nd birthday.
Tomorrow night we are going to Riley's Farm Sleepy Hollow event! Can't wait!

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