Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Date Night

I have been a delinquent blogger. Yesterday I met an October 1st deadline for something that had me just a wee bit preoccupied the last few weeks. I have major catch up to do. So many great pictures to share! But never mind that . . . my oldest child has reached the magical age of 12! In our house, that can only mean one very huge and important thing: WE HAVE A FREE BABYSITTER! She is making baked potatoes for everyone for dinner as we speak (baby steps, folks) and I need to make a quick clothes change so my husband/boyfriend and I can get out of Dodge. What shall we do on this exciting night of firsts? Go no farther than ten minutes away and shop for our youngest child's birthday on Sunday. We live such an exciting life.

This was at Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah at our August family reunion. Don't you think we'll have a fun date night tonight? Whenever we go out we actually remember how much we like to be together!
If she can do THIS, she can babysit her siblings for a few hours, right?

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