Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some months are busier than others. . .

What a fun, exhausting, event filled month! We spent three days of our spring break skiing up at Big Bear with just our little family. The day after we got back my parents flew in from Iowa for 10 days. During that time we celebrated Easter and our 8 year old son William was baptized. (The major house projects are another story . . .) There are almost too many highlights to catalog, but it is certainly worth a try. Some memories just need to be recorded!

I am the one who really wanted to go somewhere "fun" for spring break, but Brandon gets all the credit for figuring it out and making the arrangements. I was a little more than hesitant about going back up on the slopes again after last year's fiasco. (A snowboarder slammed into me and I spent several weeks in a leg brace with a baby strapped to my torso trying to take care of the rest of my crew!) The kids were so excited tho' - it was worth my little bit of paranoia! They really miss the snow of Iowa every year when winter rolls around(this was our third winter in southern California) so it was a little more than ironic when we went just 2 hours north of our home near L.A. to find some cold and snow - in April!

Like most good family trips (there is a big difference between a family trip and a vacation . . .) we had plenty of stories by the end of our short three days. Two of the best were when Elizabeth got off the lift too soon and went rolling backward down the mountain! (She was fine . . .) The other was the night Brandon and I thought we'd settle down and watch some MASH episodes together in the peace and quiet of our little mountain condo after the kids were in bed. We lit a fire, snuggled up, turned on the DVD and then the smoke started. It ended up filling the whole condo and even set off the smoke alarm before we could get the fire out!

I failed to mention that Brandon also sent me to a day spa for a massage and pedi/medi because . . . he's awesome! The kids LOVED the old condo we stayed in because it had a ladder up to a loft area where they could hang out. Mom and Dad loved the hot tub outside. We all had a blast together one cold night playing telephone and screaming as we got out of the hot water into the cold air! We gorged on junk food and had an all around good time. I've already forgotten how exhausting it was! :D

We got home late Wednesday and went to the airport to get my parents on Thursday. We went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley on Friday, opened Easter baskets, colored Easter Eggs and did food prep on Saturday, opened more "spiritual" gifts on Sunday morning (I like to do "Easter Bunny Saturday" and "Resurrection Sunday") and then enjoyed church and Easter dinner. On Monday my dad finally consented to let Brandon do a little urologic procedure for him which turned into a bigger deal than originally planned and dragged out until Wednesday, but I was so glad Brandon could do that for him! He is doing great now. On Thursday my mom and I took Elizabeth and "Flat Stanley" (for my niece Hannah in Iowa) to the Los Angeles Observatory and then all over Hollywood and Beverly Hills to get what I hope were some fabulous pictures because WHAT A PAIN IN THE NECK THAT WAS! Oh, it was funny when it was all over, but we sat in a LOT of traffic and had a lovely interaction with a completely CRAZY homeless person (it was seriously scary - never stop and ask for directions in Hollywood . . .) On Friday my mom and I took the kids out of school and went to Chinatown. Saturday Brandon took my Dad to the classic car show in downtown Montrose and then we got ready for Will's baptism that night.


Will's baptism was surprisingly spiritual considering what a little goofball he can be at times. His dad and I have been diligently trying to prepare him for this day. We really wanted him to feel the importance of the covenant he was making with God as well as realize it was his decision. We talked to him over and over again about listening in his heart for feelings of the spirit of God to confirm to him that what he was doing was right and and also to be able to sense the sacredness of this ordinance and covenant. Well, I've never seen him more serious than he was that evening. Before we got started we took some family pictures and then Brandon and I both had a personal letter for him to read before we began the meeting. I've never seen him like that. He took his time reading those letters, very carefully, and even quietly held up a little finger to his cousin when he came running up to let him know he would be just a minute. He was in a zone I had never seen him in before. We had a lot of beautiful music, Grandpa Waddell (PaPa) gave the opening prayer. Grandma Waddell (MiMi) spoke about her baptism and the principle of baptism in general. Brandon baptized him and (poor guy!) could hardly get the words out he was so emotional. While waiting for the two of them to get dressed and come back we had a time for people to share their spiritual thoughts and feelings and Aunt Laura, both Grandpas, Uncle Todd and Marty Newton all got the tears going for everyone! Then Grandma Reynolds spoke about the Spirit of God after which Brandon confirmed him an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and also conferred the gift of the Holy Ghost on him. More beautiful music and kind words by Floyd Walters (the member of the bishopric who was conducting) and a closing prayer by Grandpa Reynolds. Will was especially happy because his best friend Rithik came, with his parents and big sister. It was a wonderful day! That night when I tucked him into bed, I was snuggling him a bit and I just had to ask if he felt the spirit speaking to him. He looked at me seriously again (so rare for him . . . he's a funny kid!) and said, "Yeah, I even almost cried a couple of times."

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