Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

The best day of the year! Not only does my husband bring me breakfast in bed (seriously, can you believe that? english muffins with pumpkin butter, two perfectly cooked over easy eggs and some yogurt with fresh blackberries and raspberries) but he takes the kids and insists I have time to myself while also orchestrating a little family "program" where the kids give me their AWESOME homemade gifts and then say one thing they love about me. Happens every year. This year Kate gave me a beautiful plant and cute card with qualities she likes in me all starting with the first letters of my name. Will made me a painted, baked clay penguin (doesn't that rock?) and Elizabeth gave me a long, thin pink candle with a holder made from some spongey material which she also painted. I told my husband some day I want a curio cabinet just to show off the homemade gifts. Brandon also takes care of dinner, unless we are lucky enough to go to his mom and dad's house for dinner which happened this year. He did take the sides and went overboard with that too: strawberries and homemade whipping cream, crescent rolls and bagged, grocery store ceasar salad. (I hate to say it, but it's my favorite!) It was more like Father's Day because he was THE MAN all day long!

On Mother's Day at our church the kids under age 12 always sing to their moms during the main worship meeting. My 11 year old daughter was REALLY embarrassed about it and didn't want to go up. I could completely relate since I can still remember feeling the exact same way at her age (also a September birthday) but I begged her to do it for me since it would be the last time and I was feeling rather sentimental about it. Sweet as she is, she did it, but begrudgingly and the look on her face was worth it! We got a good laugh out of it together afterward. I think she liked hiding behind her cousin and making that rolled-eye expression while she was up there. It said a lot to me about where we are both at in this journey of motherhood: on the brink of a BIG, NEW STAGE! Are we ready for it? I'll let you know.

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