Friday, November 23, 2012

Tell a Different Story

Click here to read my sorta Thanksgiving themed post on Deseret News today. (Heck you could even go back and read my posts on children learning what they live, bouncing back after a big loss (I really do feel totally purged of my political angst now--my short summary of how I feel is this: if so many good people who I know, love, and trust feel strongly about Obama/the democrat platform/liberal ideas, there has to be some merit to them that I can live with), or how I know I'm definitely done having children.

We've been in Arizona all week. Brandon's been sick all week. It's been interesting, but beautiful and fun and meaningful as well. 

Here's the beautiful:

(From the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona.)

And the fun: 
(Out of Africa wild animal park.)
(Pink Jeeps off-road "Broken Arrow" tour.)

And the meaningful:

(Thanksgiving dinner and visiting Brandon's maternal grandparents--the whole reason we came to AZ for Thanksgiving in the first place.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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