Thursday, November 8, 2012

Send A Message of Thanks to the Romneys

After posting my "Ode to Mitt" ditty yesterday and posting it on Facebook, I had a number of people comment that it was too bad the Romney's couldn't read it. Well, at some point today I remembered that I know a couple who are personal friends with the Romneys. I emailed them and asked if they wouldn't mind forwarding it to them, and not only were they happy to do so, but they said I could pass on ANY personal messages of thanks from "home base" (as they put it) and they would gladly pass them on to them. (Like, to their personal inboxes. How cool is that?)

So! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's send some personal messages of gratitude over to the Romneys!! Leave your messages in the comments section below and I will compile them into an email to be sent to them. Doesn't that just make you feel better already? How fun is this?

(If you are one of my Obama loving friends--and some of very best friends are--please indulge me this one last day as I dare to mention the taboo topic of politics. I'm not bagging on you or Obama, I just wish to express thanks to my candidate of choice. Thank you! (I'm Allyson Reynolds and I approve this message.))


  1. I will happily add to your "Ode to the Romneys". Thank you so much for your tireless efforts in this campaign. I can't even begin to imagine how much work you and your family and your team have poured into it these past few years. I whole-heartedly believe in your vision for our great country. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees, but it was close!! :-) I'm glad we live in a country where our President is openly challenged about his actions, and is held accountable for his policies. This takes skill, intellignece, and courage, and and I think you did a tremendous job. That is what gives me solace right now, in knowing millions of my fellow Americans know this and supported you as well. I also think you conducted the campaign with dignity and integrity. Unfortunately, not all other candidates do.

    I could go on and on about how you are tremendously more qualified for the job of President, but I also just want to say thank you to your wife, Ann. I admire her so much, and think she did a tremendous job advocating for you and for the good of America. She consistently handled interviews with grace and directness, and is obviously a very intelligent and talented woman. You two make a great team, and would have made a great President and First Lady.

    Again, I thank you and your family for the endless hours and resources you put into this. I'm incredibly dissapointed you didn't win, but I still hold on to hope that America still is a great country, and that our hopes will overcome any fears.

  2. I don't get into politics in public settings, but I will just say I laughed out loud at your last sentence,"I'm Allyson Reynolds and I approve this message." You're awesome. I think you should make a run for Highland City Council.

  3. Dear Mr. Romney, My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sacrifices you and your family made during your run for the Presidency. Of course, we wish the results had been different … the White House really needs someone with your integrity, high moral standards, and business sense. Thank you also for the great example you have been as a member of the LDS church. No doubt there are many who look more favorably toward Mormons because of you. We wish you and your family the best. Richard and Janis Lapides

  4. Hello, Romney Family! I am so honored to be able to thank you for your service to our country and our world. Between you all, you have done so much service!
    And now the world has such a better idea of what a Mormon is, which I'm sure will open many doors.

    Mitt, your dad was our Regional Representative when I was a young wife and mother, back in the Champaign, Illinois Stake (in the mid-seventies). In fact, one time he sat right next to me during a play. I feel like I've watched you grow up.

    We fasted and prayed that the election would express the will of the people, and that they would be guided in their votes - always asking that Heavenly Father's will be done. And I feel at peace that this was what Heavenly Father knew would happen (kind of like knowing what Pharaoh would do, right?), and we're trying to prepare for the aftermath.

    Now we pray for blessings on you and your family. You sacrificed so much, and ran a spirited race. (And I blogged about why I supported you, and got at least one person to change their vote, as you asked us to do. :)

    Ann, I love that you enjoy your horses and dressage! Our family has participated with horses in the past; right now my daughters are busy with being mommies, and I've no business being around horses, except for maybe a donkey or a small, dead-broke POA, lol, due to some amputations and so on. So it is a joy to watch them now on television. Thank you for sharing your interest and representing our country!

    Well, I'm wandering all over the place, so I'd better close. Just know that many people love you entire family!

    All the best,
    Diane Stephenson

  5. Dear Mitt and Ann,

    I have been your biggest fan since you ran for the presidency the first time back in 2007. My heart broke on Tuesday night when I saw that the dream would not be realized. Thank you a million times for your sacrifices during these long campaigns. Though the mainstream media will never understand the people that you are, from the very beginning I could see what an optimal match you were for our nation in these challenging times, as well as your unselfish desire to give of your talents in order to take this country on a better path.

    In President Obama's acceptance speech, he said, "In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward." I don't know if President Obama actually intends to do this, but either way, I truly hope that there could be some way for you to still contribute your talents--though not as president--to help to move this country in the right direction. I will keep hoping for this, as it gives me some solace in recovering from our country's great loss last Tuesday!

    I wholeheartedly join with both of you to "earnestly pray for this great nation."

    With all best wishes,


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