Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer is Coming

Just around the corner . . . what's on your calendar? We're moving, of course, which will throw everything off balance, but I will still try (like I always do) to create a summer full of fun, learning, and family bonding memories. I hate to toot my own horn, but I just spent quite a bit of time here and there (like, while my hair was processing at the salon yesterday--I work at the most random times, whenever I can) putting together what I hope is a helpful article for other neurotic moms like myself. April and Saren also put a couple together along the same lines, and together, I think it's just about all the information my little brain can handle for summer survival.

April's: Creating a Summer Schedule
Saren's: Do It Yourself Summer Camp
Mine: How to Keep Your Child's Brain Active During the Summer

But if reading these three articles makes your blood pressure rise, just read Tiffany's fantastic article over an ice cream cone on the back porch: The Blessings of a Slow Summer.

Today was the dance festival, then there's Memorial Day weekend (what are you doing? I think we're PACKING--doesn't that sound so FUN!), Tuesday is the big talent show, Wednesday is Field Day, Thursday is the hour and a half only day and then we are FREE!! Yippee!! (I won't go into Kate's "last days" schedule, but she is vying strongly to skip next week altogether.) No more early morning carpool, no more making sack lunches every morning, no more two hour long morning shifts getting people fed and out the door at the right times with the right stuff signed and packed, no more daily homework or projects, no more papers that need attention dumped on the counter at 3pm every day, no more days broken up by 6 departure and arrival times--NO MORE SCHOOL!!

I feel like a kid again.


  1. Oh Allyson! I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I read those three article titles and COULD actually FEEL my blood pressure rising. So then to read that you linked to my article--just the title alone sets me apart from the rest of you. Ha ha-so funny.

    Love, long slow days of summer with my children to myself. For the most part. By the end of August I will be well and truly ready to hand them over to some teachers for a few hours a day. (Actually maybe I'll be ready to send them back to school the second week of June, but that can be our little secret now, can't it?)

    1. Oh, believe me, I'll be ready by the end of August too! The cycle repeats itself every year: Excitement, fun, not so fun, exhaustion. :D

  2. Is that a Creamie in Rachel's hand? That's one of those Utah favorites of mine! Yum.

    Love the links. You all have great ideas. I love to copy them.

    1. Yes! Creamies! They're the best, right? And if we can all just implement half our ideas . . . ;D


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