Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cleaning House

All my brain can muster tonight is a "cleaning house" post. Here are a few snapshots of our life. 

Kate's teacher asked if she could keep this one as an example for future art classes of this particular assignment--something about creating an aircraft to explore other planets:
 . . . and the aliens inhabiting it:
If you think, like me, that it's fun to let your kids choose exotic fruits and vegetables at the grocery store to try at home, let me give you a heads up on the horned melon from New Zealand. IT'S GROSS! (Sorry, New Zealandites! I'm sure you've got better.) 
This is what happens at night as I am going comatose on the bed and they are supposed to be winding down:
Bubba's. The place of our infamous first kiss. (WHEN am I going to continue my Love Story series? It's driving me CRAZY! I've got to stop cooking and doing laundry for these people! Who do they think I am???) I couldn't help but drive by a few weekends back when Kate and I were at BYU for her harp festival:
Then I finally got to try some food at The Black Sheep Cafe in Provo after it was recommended by both our friends Scott and Sarah from La Canada (now living in Provo) as well as CJane. (I don't know the queen personally, just read the recommendation on her blog. She, however, writes about Scott and Sarah all the time since Sarah is the mastermind behind the Rooftop Concert Series, Scott is the music/audio man, and Courtney is the hostess/presenter. I imagine them all eating at the Black Sheep Cafe together with truly cool, artsy fartsy people . . .

Kate and I shared the really yummy Navajo Taco and a bowl of Posole:

This cool blown glass light fixture made it taste even better: 
If you want to know what kids want out of their school experience, read this advertisement for Elizabeth's school:
Check out the new view! The people living in the home we are buying have been renting it while building a house next door, so we're not totally sure on the moving date yet since their house isn't finished. (Hope this doesn't become a problem . . . should be sometime in the early part of June?) Our landlord is going to start showing the house we're in now this weekend. I should probably dejunk, clean, and pack at some point, right? 
There's a stream down there. And a bunch of wild open space that will never be tampered with. (Squeal!)


  1. I had to laugh at the horned melon. I am a New Zealander and have never even heard of horned melon!

    1. That's because they're exporting them all to the United States! They're terrible! :D What's your favorite New Zealand fruit that is more exotic than our usual apples, oranges, grapes, and bananas?

  2. Great article you wrote, really inspired me! I wish I can be like you :) house cleaner in salt lake

  3. Yikes -- "Bubba's" looks like the home of a serial killer. (I think it's those covered basement stairs that does it.) Is that what makes your first kiss "infamous?" Is your "Love Story" series about to take a darker turn?


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