Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Great Catch Up: CA Beach Days

We made it to the beach 2 times while back in California this summer. These are the pics.


William brought his adopted brother, Rithik:

They really are two peas in a pod:

Santa Monica Pier:

Baby powder for sand in all the wrong places:
My love for pictures of downtown L.A. from the car window endures:

What we don't miss:
Day 2:

We met up with the fam that night in Newport Beach for dinner. Here's Ty, Will, and Jack. Can you tell they are cousins?
Nicole and Kate:

I love this picture of these guys:

This may be my favorite picture ever of my in-laws:

All the kids took a turn doing this:

I wish it weren't so dark and you could see her facial expression:

Some of us walked down Balboa Pier to get some ice cream afterward:

I'm suddenly missing our California family! Waaaah!

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  1. Don't think I'm a wierdo, but Wachael has the cutest bum ever. I just want to pinch it!


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