Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Okay, I'm done with my corvette buying, paragliding, mid-life crisis and ready to get back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. (Minus the pregnant part.)

But the all-or-nothing part of me is feeling mighty discouraged about the prospect of moving on in the face of so many undocumented events.

These are the big, fun, off-the-regular-schedule events that I still want to see in future blog posts even though they are getting terribly overripe and won't be as enjoyable as if I had posted them when they actually happened. Look at this table of contents. It's KILLING me:

1) The rest of the amazing Arches pictures from spring break. (Seriously, Allyson?)
2) Mother's Day/Memorial Day/End of school year dance recital & festival pictures. (Not kidding. It bugs me.)
3) Tons of "quintessential summer" single shots that accumulated over those 10 weeks.
4) Scout day camp.
5) The Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point.
6) BYU Idaho Education Week.
7) A family overnighter up at Snowbird ski/summer resort.
8) The Sound of Music musical up at Sundance Summer Theater.
9) The rest of our California trip.
10) The rest of my 40th bday trip.
11) Kate's recent 14th bday.

My blog is, first and foremost, a place for me to chronicle our family history, so it really does drive me batty to leave so many events undocumented. (I could cover it all in two weeks if I got really serious and stopped feeding people/cleaning/showering, don't you think?) Then there's the matter of opining on the so-called "Mormon Moment" among other things. (I have a long list.)

But these are the smaller, less fun, less blog worthy, but probably more important (in different ways) things that make blogging so difficult as of late:

1) Slowly working through the paper pile that accumulated during the summer while we were doing all that fun stuff.
2) Getting everyone squared away with new back-to-school routines/classes/teams. (As most mothers know, being the personal manager of 4 individuals and their attendant paperwork at the beginning of a new school year is no small feat!)
3) Biking while the weather is perfectly gorgeous. Especially these crisp September mornings (by myself) and cool evenings (with Rachael) during a coral sunset. For all our whining about lack of trees, the big sky and mountains of Utah at sunrise/set are breathtaking.
4) More exercise, because it makes me feel good!
5) More cooking, because it's fall! Really good minestrone with vegetables from Winder Farms, peach freezer jam with fresh peaches from Burgess Orchards (two batches already that have BOTH failed to set - argh!!), peach cobbler, baked peach breakfast oatmeal, dozens of pancakes that I put into the freezer to stick in the toaster on school mornings . . . among other things.
6) Driving. To piano lessons (individual and group), harp lessons (individual and group), soccer games, soccer practices, gymnastics, theater class, middle school carpool, preschool both ways three times a week, and of course, Cub Scouts, where I'm the co-leader of Will's den. That's a lot of driving!
7) Trying to get Will's cello lessons figured out so I can do more driving. (I'm thinking something's got to give . . .)
8) Grandparent's Day (I go as grandma) and parent/teacher conferences.
9) Following the race for the Republican nomination.
8) Accompanying the church choir.
9) Planning a trip in October for my sister with the cancer.
10) Writing my posts for the Motherhood Matters blog.
11) Inching along, ever so slowly, to the finish line of the Power of Moms book!
12) Feeding people, cleaning, laundering, budgeting, bill paying, errand running . . . the usual stuff.
13) Getting more sleep. Which also makes me feel good. Which is why I'm signing off now.

Arches tomorrow? Deal!


  1. Is the spirit of Suzie Romans inhabiting your home?


  2. Did the spirit of Suzie Romans inhabit your home?

  3. We made the breakfast oatmeal... with blueberries. Yum! Thanks! Then we tried the pumpkin swirl brownies from the same site. Put those on your list too!!


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