Monday, September 26, 2011

The Great Catch Up: Arches Day 3

Can you believe we actually brought Bob on our trip? We didn't want him to miss out. He's gotten spoiled over the years having such a good seat. He looks happy to be along, don't you think:
Day 3 started out at Sand Dune Arch. That's what it is: one big sand dune under an arch. You can imagine how popular this is with young families and grandparents, especially since there is virtually no hiking involved. (It's very close to the road.) Here's the entrance:
We weren't even inside yet, but the kids were already throwing themselves into the soft, silky stuff:
The arch itself is not as big and impressive as the others, but again, it's the sand that you're there for:
You still have to climb the arch:
Of course, Kate would not be bested by the boys! It was tough to get up there:
From there we headed over to Balanced Rock. Just driving from one spot to another was beautiful:
These two were living on Dum Dums:
Much like Sand Dune Arch, Balanced Rock is right off the road:
Brandon, about 20 pounds ago:
Look at these views!

The "hike" goes in a circle around Balanced Rock, and it's shape kept changing:
Mushroom cloud:
These are some of my favorite pics from the whole trip:
The next two are the best:
Near the end of the day we went on a "real" hike along Park Avenue Trail. They call it that because the high walls on either side feel like walking down Park Avenue surrounded by skyscrapers:
The Three Gossips:
Bunny Wabbit:
Heading back:
One last look:
LOVE this:
It was always fun to go back to the "truck house" (as Rachael called it) at the end of each day:
We went swimming at the RV park pool almost every night before coming back for food, games, and movies:
(Don't you think I'm brave to show my unpainted face!) Taco salad night:
Another day in the can:
Today is kind of ending on a rotten note. I've got too much that I need to do, even more that I want to do (I'm greedy that way--never satisfied), and today I tried to do more than I could ever possibly do of both. NOT a good combination! I uploaded these pictures before 7am, but am just now getting back to them after 10pm. It's nice to remember such a fun time. Oh, that every day could be a vacation! 

Tomorrow is the last installment of the Arches trip. You won't want to miss it! It's the most amazing arch yet. The one on the Utah license plate: Delicate Arch. 

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  1. You brought Bob! We always notice Bob in your photos... =) The pictures are fabulous.


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