Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Pleasures

We're having a down day. We've been in the car way too much, so today we're taking it slow. Here are a few pics from the last few days. 

Sunday after church we drove the hour to Iowa City to finally see my parents and sister, Christina, the one battling with cancer. (Though I wasn't planning on it anyway, she adamantly refuses to have her picture taken, let alone be a part of my blog.) Elizabeth in particular thinks apartment life is just the best, and especially loves Mimi and Papa's "backyard" where they sit out and yell at the cars passing by:
Monday morning started out with a water balloon fight that last for about three hours, and we went swimming at the city pool after that:

Monday evening we shucked some corn (because it's Iowa!), BBQ'd some burgers, brats and dogs, and had a nice dinner:
Will and Andrew look like they want to kill me:

Ya, it's a small town, but look at my sister's back yard and adjoining property:

Bedtime treats:

Tuesday we drove back up to Iowa City and had lunch at my parents' again with all four sisters and some of our kids.  Then my sister, Joanna, and her two daughters went swimming with us at the Coralville pool.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of Kate and Olivia too, but here's a pic of the younger kids:
I had fun getting Christina's favorite foods for lunch and dinner. Foods from restaurants that started in the Quad Cities where we grew up. Subs from Hungry Hobo and taco pizza from Happy Joe's:

And of course, Whitey's for dessert. (Also a Quad City original.) Vanilla Reese's malt, all the way:
 Kate was looking so unenthusiastic, I had Liz jump in and show her how to do it:

One of the kids noticed this piano outside, open for anyone to play. Downtown Iowa City has such a fun fuinki! (Japanese for atmosphere, remember?) University towns tend to be that way. Everyone took a turn:

This chalkboard was right next to the piano:
Did I mention it's in the 90's and super humid? Brandon said it was still in the 40's in the morning when he went to work yesterday in Utah. Can we just get some 70's please?? (I am way too weather obsessed.)

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  1. Looks like fun! I love the outdoor piano! I loved our days in Iowa City.

    We are on our way to Utah this weekend for my brother's wedding. We will wave as we drive by :).

    (By the way, our house finally sold!)

    Enjoy your time in Iowa and I hope the weather stays cooler in Utah because it has been hot here in Indiana and I prefer cooler weather myself!

    Judi :)


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