Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Week

Will, meditating like a Maharishi:

Saturday: got in late, my in-laws were already at our house after dropping off Brandon's youngest brother, Brent, at BYU. (He's a freshmen!)
Sunday: church in the morning, Father's Day dinner at our house with my in-laws, Brent, and his roommate.
Monday: early morning swim lessons, seeing off my in-laws, unpacking, doing laundry, and going through mail & messages.
Tuesday: swim lessons, morning stuff (chores and goals), and a hideous afternoon turned evening at the mall swimsuit shopping for Kate, complete with Rachael getting a fever/whining her eyeballs out (poor child!), and Will losing my car keys in a department store. (But we did get a suit, thank heavens . . .)
Wednesday: swim lessons, morning stuff, piano lessons, two doctor appointments (strep and swimmers ear for Rachael), boring errands, pack meeting for Will, church youth group activity for Kate (I attended/helped at each of these activities) and night games.
Thursday: swim lessons, FINALLY went to the grocery store, FINALLY put all the badges and goop on my den leader shirt, and spent the rest of the day (1-9:30pm) taking five boys to cub scout day camp somewhere up in the Wasatch mountains. (Pictures to follow. After I finish posting Arches, and our anniversary trip, and our family time in Iowa . . .)
Friday: I hope we go swimming and have a movie night. That's the plan anyway.

Maybe I'll blog again in the fall?

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