Tuesday, November 9, 2010

California Lasts- Part 1

I recently realized that during the crazy process of moving I failed to post a whole bunch of pictures from our many "lasts" in California. Worried that my photos will be forever lost in a computer, I feel compelled (as always) to post at least some of the highlights. I would have hit more in this post, but I got a little screen from google telling me I maxxed out my quota of photo space with them and had to buy more. Whateva. It only cost $5 to get 20 GB for the next year, but I have to wait up to 24 hours for it to register. So for tonight, this is all I've got:  

The last born-on-the-fourth-of-July birthday, BBQ and swim for Brandon . . .

The last crazy hair day at Johnson's camp . . .
 The last Old Town Pasadena date . . .
 where we went to Il Fornaio one last time . . .

The last trip to Trader Joe's . . .

I'm already thinking about the little goodies I'm going to bring back when we go to California during Christmas break.

You know, I've successfully avoided thinking about California and our life there since we left in July. I usually like wallowing in the past and having personal pity parties, but it seemed like my emotional survival depended on just moving forward. I was right. But now that we've been here long enough and I feel comfortable enough here, I can look at these pictures and remember all the good things about our life there and not feel so sad. It's nice. (But I haven't really gotten to any of the pictures of the "lasts" with people. It's really the people you miss the most, right?  The people, and Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered blueberries.)

Daily bits: I still wasn't feeling that great today, and Brandon was done early, so he went to the music store for me to get some harp books and a string replacement for Kate. He got what she needed, and also came home with an extra special item he found on sale: a ukelele. He's sitting here right now trying to teach himself how to play. We finished Napolean Dynamite tonight - the wedding song was my favorite. In the last four days, I've made some downright sinful baked goods. This, this and today, this. The doughnuts were by far the worst - meaning, best.


  1. Your baked goods are making my mouth water. If ever you want some sinfully delicious baked goods without doing all the work, try Shirley's Bakery. There's one in Provo and one in AF. The raspberry rolls are to die for!

  2. So I'm wanting some more info on the points system you've got going that you mentioned in the last post!

    P.S. So glad you're feeling better! I just had the stomach flu and decided that all women should be immune to all viruses once they achieve mom status!


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